Best WoW Legion Gold Site | Start Preparing for The Gold

The end of an expansion can be a rather awkward time. You still want to play World of Warcraft, but you aren’t exactly sure what to do with yourself. Sure, we can choose to finish that raid, get that pet you’ve been searching for, or complete that quest line, but we find ourselves wondering if we are just wasting our time. Spinning our wheels on tasks that will matter little wow gold legion  when Legion goes live. You need to start preparing for the Gold Rush in 7.0 NOW. Blizzard are implementing a much desired, and long awaited feature, namely the Transmog Wardrobe, a feature which will allow you to visually preview your collected transmog sets, create outfits, and really free up a LOT of bag space.

However, right now until 7.0 hits, our bags are filled to the brim with wow legion gold  crazy amounts of gear that we’re saving for when that sweet day comes that we’ve ‘learned their appearance’ and they disappear into the wardrobe – ready to be selected when we so choose. As we all know, the launch of a new expansion means that everything could become irrelevant in the blink of cheap wow legion gold an eye. For those who have been through the process, it can be rather disheartening. So what tasks are worthwhile? After scouring the internet and combing them with our own personal experiences, we have compiled a list of the tasks that won’t leave you with that wasted time feeling once Legion hits.

With Warlords of Draenor complete and Legion releasing this summer, World of Warcraft players are either catching up on wow legion gold for sale  old goals or managing their garrisons. Garrisons, the polarizing feature added in the latest expansion, may give players a way to manage a small army in menial tasks but the rewards are pronounced if a garrison is set up correctly. Unfortunately, players will no longer be able to make gold through the use of their garrisons once Legion launches.


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