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Items in WoW are very time sensitive and can drastically change within the week, day, or even hours during peak times. Lots of factors have to be igxe considered and you should always have a fall back plan. I typically use crafting or selling mats as my fall back plan. Sometimes I buy tons and tons of mats or items and watch the price get destroyed the next day. A few weeks ago this happened with Hypnotic Dust. The price just crumbled so rather than selling the dust, I turned it into high profit enchants and bags which netted pre price crumble pricing. Always check your professions to wow legion gold see how you can avoid the crash of any item. Patience is also key. A lot of times I give some heads up in my Weekly WoW Report that almost all Auction House players can benefit from. Of course every server is different so nothing is fool proof. That’s why it’s up to you, the player, to check things against your Auction House and see what’ll work for your situation and server economy. I can only give you info on what works in most cases. So take the info and numbers from wow gold legion  my wow gold making guides and use that info to see how you’d do on your server. Then, decide if it’s worth it or not and test things out in small amounts.

The recent influx of different races to Outland, particularly the ethereals, has resulted in increased hunting of the native elekk of Nagrand for their prized tusks. Yet in addition to being seen as game, these massive beasts are also valued for their ability to cheap wow legion gold  act as mounts. When the draenei fled Outland aboard the Exodar, they carried with them a number of species, including tamed elekk. Upon landing on Azeroth, these tusked-creatures played a large role in helping the draenei establish themselves on their strange new home. While much of Azeroth’s own native wildlife has served other races as trustworthy mounts, the draenei still prefer the hearty and unyielding elekk above all else.

Alright, so after a crazy hour an a half of looting 3, 852 mails, I ended up with a total of 612, 243 gold. Add that to the left over mats and items of an estimated 78, 000 world of warcraft gold, 59, 000 wow gold or so spent on leveling professions to wow legion gold for sale  make videos for all of you and gear/mounts for my characters, 70, 000 gold in Christmas holiday giveaway and the total for the month of December was almost 820, 000 gold. Pretty nuts but I think I can do better in January. Guess we’ll see in the next video. Oh and if you’re wondering what the new gold cap for Cata is, it’s 1 million which is why I have no problem holding over 600k. And wouldn’t you know it, I don’t have a ticket open which means I didn’t get banned for transferring best wow legion gold site  too much gold this time. Thanks Blizzard.


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