WoW Legion Gold For Sale | All The Transmog-related Achievements

Legion is getting a big wardrobe tab where players can collect transmog gear. Collecting shirts and various nice-looking BoE gear and then selling them on the Auction House when the transmog system is implemented might be a great way to wow legion gold for sale make some gold. Or you could just collect them to get all the transmog-related achievements on day one.

The basic version of Legionwill cost you $49.99. There’s also the Deluxe Edition ($69.99), best wow legion gold site  which includes in-game bonuses for some of Blizzard’s titles such as an Illidari Felstalker mount and pet for World of Warcraft and new portraits for Starcraft II. For the die-hard fans, there’s the Collector’s Edition, which features all of the contents of the Deluxe Edition as well as a hardcover art book, a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD set showcasing behind-the-scenes content, the game’s soundtrack on CD, and a Legion-themed mouse cheap wow legion gold pad. It will cost you $89.99.

Each class will get its own order hall in Legion with unique quests. Having a bunch of wow gold legion  alts ready to experience all the different storylines is not a bad idea. There are five heirloom trinkets, dropping from Mythic dungeon bosses, that can help a lot boosting alts to level 100 or soon 110. Legion’s still a few months away, and besides doing the things above, it’s also a good time to get some gold, wow legion gold  reputation, level up professions and go through older content.


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