WoW Legion Gold For Sale | Ahead Of The Expansion’s Release

The closed beta for World of Warcraft: Legion is heating up, with the Burning Legion returning to cause havoc all across Azeroth. The expansion brings new areas, new raids, an increased level cap to 110, and the ominous looking new Demon Hunter class. The lovely folk at Blizzard have given us a bunch of beta keys to get you playing a little bit early as they stress test the servers and roll out cheap wow legion gold the beginning quests of the campaign. World of Warcraft’s next expansion Legion is scheduled for a release on the 30th of August. This means that we’re a little under two months from it being released, which also means that we’re inching closer towards pre-patch content, which for those unfamiliar basically means that Blizzard will start getting players ready for the new content and changes ahead of the expansion’s release.

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